Film Noir, Mystery and Thriller

Film-Noir, Mystery and Thriller simply have the same meaning, so it is a good idea to huddle the genres into a tiny little bundle. The Hitchcock films are together later on since he deserves to have his own special category.

When I watched a film-noir, I usually hazard a guess halfway to look at the gallery of suspects. Some seem extremely obvious, while others less so. It is an ever-changing web to keep us glued to the evolving plot.

The Asphalt Jungle 

The Big Heat
The Big Sleep
Dial M for Murder *
Double Indemnity
In the Heat of the Night
The Killers
The Maltese Falcon
The Man Who Knew Too Much *
Mildred Pierce
North by Northwest *
Notorious *
Psycho *
Rear Window *
Rebecca *
Rope *
Shadow of a Doubt *
Strangers on a Train *
The Thin Man
The Third Man
To Catch a Thief *
Vertigo *   
Witness for the Prosecution

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* These are Hitchcock movies that are featured in the Hitchcock chapter.

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