The Pinnacles

Best of the Best - the 5 Best Classic Movies You Should Watch

Every era has its casual hits and king-like or blockbuster films. Something like when you say Gene Kelly, you would, if you know him, associate him with "Singin’ in the Rain" (1952).

Here are the best film pinnacles in the studio era, five in all, either large projects or films too excellent to be excellent. If you're new to old movies, start by watching these gems, five in all, and then move on to the different genres that interest you.



  1. The greatest movie of all time has to be Casablanca. Great plot, dialogue, acting, music, sound and lighting. And Ingrid Bergman is just too beautiful!

  2. I think Casablanca is very good and I like it a lot too. I watched it twice. The first time I watched it I thought the pace was slow. The second time was brilliant because I got the hang of the storyline and plot. There are many interesting characters such as Ugarte (Peter Lorre), Signor Ferrari (Sydney Greenstreet), Cpt. Renault (Claude Rains), Ingrid Bergman's freedom fighter husband Victor Lazslo (Paul Henreid) and the two romantic leads.