Monday, 18 February 2013

The African Queen


John Huston
Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Hepburn, Robert Morley, Peter Bull and Theodore Bikel
8 and up
Charles Allnut (Bogart) is a foul-smelling mail boat captain in WWI Africa. He soon comes to pity Rose Sayer (Hepburn), a missionary and brother of Rev. Samuel (Morley). He takes her aboard his ship and the two plots a plan to blow up German Ship Louisa. The two cross the many rivers till they reach the place they need to go.

Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart in The African Queen.
Why it’s good:
There’s nothing much to it really. The war is the backdrop. The adventure is an unquestionable highlight of the film.
The romance is quite touching in its own way – dislike, forgiveness and then the swell thing. Quite a corny romance, unfortunately, with Bogart playing his Oscar-winning role as Charles the mail boat captain.
The story is quite well plotted, and as the ship’s captain is going to execute Charles and Rose, Charles says,” May you perform a wedding? It would mean a lot to this lady.”
The wedding goes quite well, too and the ship blows up later. You have to see the film to understand the ending. As they fall into the water, they look at each other as if they were married for real. They do not regret it either.
Parent’s guide:
Charles drinks a little too much and he drinks it in single gulps. The bottles are then emptied by Rose who says it is bad for his health. The two kiss many times in the film.
Shot on location in Africa and Turkey.
If you like this…:
More adventures and war in the background has “The Four Feathers” (1939) and "Gunga Din" (1939).  

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